Behind the Wheel – Spanish 2

Behind the Wheel - Spanish 2

Behind the Wheel - Spanish 2

If you have been using the Spanish 1 version of the Behind the Wheel audio CD, then stepping up to the Spanish 2 version will be an easy transition. 
once you have the Spanish 1 lessons pretty well mastered you can transition right into the Spanish 2 audio lessons and get even closer to becoming fluent.

Behind the Wheel, Spanish 2 focuses on real world type of situations and conversations, which makes it perfect if you plan to travel to a Spanish speaking area of the world or if you work with many individuals that speak the language.  It is not over priced for what it delivers and once again you will be able to play it in your vehicle if you choose to.

Update: This Language Audio CD is currently on sale through this link on Amazon (lowest price)

With Behind the Wheel, Spanish 2 you will graduate to more dialogue lessons along with many unique stories.  The Spanish 2 version will help you to learn how to read different stories that have to do with everyday situations.  You will learn how to order better in a restaurant and actually carry on a bit of a conversation with a Spanish speaking server.
Let’s take a look at all the features of this Language Audio CD:

    * More practice with stories and dialogue
    * Full review from Spanish 1
    * Sections for listening comprehension and conversational skills
    * If you want to buy this Language Audio CD, you can get it on sale on Amazon through this link.
You can get much closer to becoming fluent when you move from the level 1 to the Behind the Wheel, Spanish 2 because it is set up specifically to build upon what you have already learned.  This will help you get closer to your goal of speaking a second language and understanding it properly.

Let me show you want Current Owners are saying:

Lisa Milhaven  (Ulster Park, NY USA)
“I finished Behind the Wheel Spanish 1 and had to get the next level. It seems so effortless to listen to these CDs in the car and really be able to learn enough to make your own sentences very quickly using the tables given in the book. Vocabulary is often introduced in sentences which is much less boring that listening to a list of words. You get practice making sentences plus get added vocab in context.”

Review Paraphrased for Size — View original Review Here.

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