Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe: Spanish Level 1 (Latin America)

Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe: Spanish Level 1 (Latin America)

Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe: Spanish Level 1 (Latin America)

There is one name that you have probably already heard of when it comes to learning a new language and that is Rosetta Stone.  This is one of the leaders in language sofware and it is designed to allow you to learn Spanish faster than any other system on the market.  Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe: Spanish Level 1 is the most basic for the beginner and is set up to help you advance through the lessons very quickly.

Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe: Spanish Level 1 will help the beginner get started on their journey to Spanish fluency.  Everybody has to start somewhere and if you have never been trained to speak Spanish, then level one is your starting point.  You will be able to learn the language naturally at your own pace with a system that is used by many professional organizations and schools around the world.

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Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe software is interactive and will have you speaking confidently in no time.  You can stay motivated when you achieve each accomplishment throughout the system.  You will also be able to surround yourself with the new language and become engaged as you learn how to speak properly.

Let’s take a look at all the features of this Language Software:

    * Speech recognition technology
    * Learn essential language structure
    * Start building your vocabulary foundation
    * Includes learning applications for the iPhone and iPod touch
    * Live online lessons
    * Includes a headset with a microphone
    * If you want to buy this Language Software, you can get it on sale on Amazon through this link.
Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe: Spanish Level 1 is perfect for beginners that either have not had Spanish speaking lessons in years or have never had the opportunity to learn the language at all.  It will help you build the foundation you need to move from beginner to intermediate levels and closer to becoming fluent.

Let me show you want Current Owners are saying:

Maudeen Wachsmith “BeachReader” (Port Townsend, WA)

“I have long wanted to learn Spanish and had been told that the Rosetta Stone program with its “Dynamic Immerson” is one of the best computer-based language programs around. So I jumped at the opportunity to learn via this medium and to review it.”

Review Paraphrased for Size — View original Review Here.

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