Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2

Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2

Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2

If you are looking to learn Spanish, then you have a few choices.  You can spend a thousand dollars on language software, a few thousand dollars on classes, or you can just get the Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2 and have everything you need.  This system is packed full of 60 sessions that cover everything you could ever want in a level one and two Spanish course.  The best part is you can work at your own pace.

Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2 has an actual tutor to help guide you through every single step of the way.  It is just like learning in a classroom, just at your own pace.  You will even have interactive videos that you can use to help you practice your new vocabulary.  This is very important considering you are going to need to interact with the language with other people at some point.

Update: This Language Software is currently on sale through this link on Amazon (lowest price)
If you want to learn Spanish at home without spending hours upon hours in the classroom over two full semesters, then considering the Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2 is something you should certainly do.  This system has everything you need to get through the first two levels of Spanish and will help you reach your ultimate goal of becoming fluent.

Let’s take a look at all the features of this Language Software:

    * 60 different sessions that can be up to two and a half hours each
    * Live, in class style tutor to help create the proper learning environment
    * Interactive workouts to help test your new knowledge
    * Includes the DVD-ROMs, two CDs, and the Fluenz Navigator
    * If you want to buy this Language Software, you can get it on sale on Amazon through this link.
Sometimes you need to learn Spanish for travel or for work and the Fluenz Version F2: Spanish 1+2 can help you learn Spanish faster and easier than many other systems and methods out there.  It allows you to take the audio on the road with you so that you can be studying while you are driving.

Let me show you want Current Owners are saying:

Java R. (Austin, TX)

“After working for several months with Rosetta Stone I decided to give Fluenz a try. There seems to be a bit of an argument between these two so I figured I could benefit by standing on solid middle ground. Truth is, there is such middle ground, but also both products are opposed to each other in many respects. By this I mean that I have profited from learning with both, but because they are so different. These are the highlights of my experience:”

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